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Projects in multicultural environment

Izabela Markiewicz, Grzegorz Szalajko

November 2013 | Personel Plus

When speaking about diversity we usually come to slogans about cooperation and harmonious teams delivering value by engaging individuals that differ between eachother as much as possible. That's right, slogans - not specific actions. Besides that, where is that value?

Amazing diversity of todays world constantly brings new opportunities. Yet, we still prefer to believe that reality is different and perceive variety in our work and life environment almost entirely as source of threats. It's true that large organizations that we are a part of don't make it easy to enjoy and embrace diversity. But it must change as we face more and more global business environment that makes us exposed to various values, beliefs and behaviors. Those who will learn how to exploit all opportunities it brings, will be the winners on todays markets.

We have used projects to demonstrate what diversity can bring and how to manage it. It's because projects are the way to enter new fields of business and make the old ones better. If you still don't manage diversity in a conscious way, we suggest that you should take a project approach to change it. And you should manage this project with attention to various cultures in your environment from the day one.

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