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My offer

I support managers and their teams
in developing effective strategies
and efficient management of projects.

Project Management

Project management systems

I support managers and project management
offices to implement effective methods
for managing projects and project portfolios.

Projects initiation and risk management

I help sponsors, project managers and teams
to start their projects the right way and get ready
for most important opportunities and threats.

Restoring control

I lead managers and teams to regain control over
troubled projects while taking care of various
stakeholders and sustainability of the results.

Learning from experience

I teach teams how to harvest their own experience
and build organizations’ knowledge the way that
other ongoing or future projects could benefit.

Strategic Management

Strategies and business models

I support management boards in working out
common vision and building new business
models followed by effective change scenarios.

Effective management structures

I help to understand challenges related to the
growth of businesses and I support managers
to build the right structures and teams.

Systemic change support

I help to analyze the systemic impact of changes
and the underlying mechanisms at all levels
in order to increase their effectivenes and safety.

Development of learning organizations

I help organizations to build the culture and
mechanisms of continuous development. I join
them on that journey as an advisor and coach.

The success of a joint work
will come from engagement
and positive energy
of the team
that will make everyone involved.
Buy-in to the results will be natural.


Grzegorz Szalajko
pl. Solny 15
50-062 Wrocław

mobile: +48 603 294 778