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“Sponsors – underestimated role”

| Strefa PMI Magazine

This article in Strefa PMI magazine answers the question about the role of the project sponsor. It also shows how to develop this key role in a mature way. It demonstrates the importance of sponsors and helps to take the right perspective when developing project oriented organization. Project, program and portfolio sponsors play central role here. It's simply because even most effective processes for project realization combined with competent project managers will only make problems in that area more visible and lead to frustration.

Challenging project as an adventure – Emotions, cooperation and learning

| Warszawa

17th IPMA Polska Conference was an opportunity to share stories about leaders who found the way to turn challenging projects into great adventures and development opportunities. And they did it not only for their teams, but also for partners and suppliers. These stories were also about lessons learnt in projects. Not for future generations, but here and now, for ourselves.

How to audit projects to bring real business value?

| Wrocław

Invitation from Technology Risk & Information Security Wroclaw was a great opportunity to confront my 10 years of experience in auditing and assessing projects with experiences of few dozens of IT risk management professionals. Many questions asked during the presentation and their continuation during coffee breaks have shown the importance of the topic. It seems that it’s already time to re-think approach to project audit and focus on delivering useful management information.

International Project Management Forum in Guatemala

| Guatemala

Guatemala is one of those places where project management gets strong attention these days. That’s explains huge success of the event organized Asociación de Gerentes de Guatemala in partnership with Asociación Project Management de Guatemala. We had a chance to meet few dozens of top managers leading large businesses in the region. It was a great opportunity to share experiences in assessing and developing project management excellence in organizations.

IPMA International Project Excellence Award Assessors Training

| Warsaw, Poland

That was quite an event! Over 50 professionals from all around the world came to share their experience in assessing excellence in projects, learn about the IPMA PE Model and PE Awards processes. It was amazing to see that energy, enthusiasm for project management and joy of sharing. For us, trainers, it was also a big test of our new Advanced training program. And I'm very happy to see the fantastic feedback we've received!

“Project Management Excellence – Enabling Quality In Project Execution”

| Systemic Excellence Group

This paper, written together with my colleagues at Systemic Excellence Group, further develops a concept of excellence in project management developed by IPMA (International Project Management Association). The Project Excellence Model (PEM) aims to achieve a crucial balance between project execution and project quality. PEM facilitates this integration and supports broadening internal and external perspectives.

Development of the IPMA Project Excellence Baseline has started

| Frankfurt

Having a great international team on board, we've just kicked-off the project to develop a new standard at IPMA. It will utilize over 10 years of experience coming from usage of the IPMA Project Excellence Model in the IPMA International Project Excellence Award. New standard will support project teams in assessing projects' capabilities for continuous improvement and ensuring optimal management in key areas, often missed by maturity models (e.g. leadership).

Executive MBA program opening lecture

| WSB Poznan

It was a pleasure to open this year's edition of the international Executive MBA program by presenting a lecture on "Developing excellence in project management". The program is delivered by WSB School of Banking in Poznan in partnership with Aalto University School of Business.

“Projects in multicultural environment”

| Personel Plus Magazine

When speaking about diversity we usually come to slogans about cooperation and harmonious teams delivering value by engaging individuals that differ between eachother as much as possible. That's right, slogans - not specific actions. Besides that, where is that value?

Keynote during PM@Siemens meeting

| Jozefow, Poland

Siemens is internationally recognized for its mature approach to project management. Possibility to meet and work together with a group of experienced project managers, including those responsible for PM@Siemens in Poland, was a unique opportunity to exchange experiences.

Presentation at the IPMA International Congress in Dubrovnik

| Dubrovnik, Croatia

The dynamics of changes in todays businesses combined with complexity of IT systems behind them lead to significant challenges in projects. In order to overcome them, project teams have to learn new ways of working together in an agile environment and building shared understanding of business and technology.

Presentation at the 7th International PMI Poland Chapter Congress

| Warsaw, Poland

Presentation "How to implement or improve PM methods and get most of them?" was inspired by observation of popular but ineffective patterns of implementing project management methods. I've shown some proven ways to successfully implement methods and tools that actually help in managing projects.


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